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Learn English Online –  “Belajar Bahasa Inggeris”.  As an e-learning platform which facilitates two-way interaction between students and teachers, Wahda help in identifying and improving your English language ability for a better future for all age levels.

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Systematic Level booklets
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“Learning a English language is a process similar to our experience of building a successful institution; one step at a time, working your way to up to mastery.”

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Abroad Package

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Being able to speak fluent English is an important requirement for supporting one’s career, business and education. Along with the times, boundaries and distances are increasingly fading so that the exchange of information is faster and more diverse. The opportunity to market a business is even wider. The desire to learn an English language is often hampered by a very busy schedule, distance to the location of the school, or expensive fees.

Wahda as one of the popular online learning platforms in Malaysia is here to facilitate learning English languages online at affordable prices. Wahda provides a variety of online English language learning packages that can help you reach your goals. Wahda works with a variety of highly trusted english education institutions to make learning materials specifically designed to suit your abilities. It is supported by professional teaching teams from countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Wahda is ready to help you achieve a better life. It’s no longer a time for traffic jams and your busyness to be the barriers to achieving your better future. Why? Because Wahda comes as part of your daily activities in the form of a mobile application. You can learn via your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone anytime and anywhere. You only need to register, take a placement, and then you can be able to study with our professional instructors. Don’t forget to set up a 4G (minimum) internet connection, a device (laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone), and a pair of earphones or headphones.